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Whale koru tattoo photo
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Whale koru
Balance of Nature

February 23rd, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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These two versions both share the design requested by Steffi of a koru ending in a whale tail, emphasizing respectively the whale tail or the koru.

Waves symbolize continuity through change and, in this case, the sea; the whale represents the energy of the sea and Nature´s harmony, rigeneration and, like the koru, rebirth. The motif of the turtle shell represents the traveller, the manaia is a guardian angel whose three-fingered hand symbolizes balance between water, sky and earth; the fish hook is a symbol of wealth and the dot is the island we all search for.

The second design has a stylized tiger to represent the wildlife projects Steffi helped with.

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koru whale waves manaia turtle hei matau island energy sea protection balance traveller nature wildlife tiger Steffi

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