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That's where it all started, back in 2001.

It's where we publish the tattoos we design, along with their stencils,.
Just remember that each tattoo was created specifically for someone: don't copy them as they are, but use them as ideas to spark your own creativity, making your tattoos unique too!

Over the years, as TattooTribes grew, we kept adding new services and websites to the family:


free Polynesian symbols PDF cards

'Cause we want everybody to understand the true beauty of Polynesian tattoos.

That's where we explain the symbols and their meanings, the culture behind them, and how to create them.


The BIG book of SMALL tattoos

Not ready for the committment to a large tattoo, or having just a small spot left?

Small tattoos are addictive, and we have 3 books to prove it!


Unalome: what you need to know

Among the small stattoos, the unalome is one that has the deepest significance, and it deserves a page of its own.

Discover the symbol, its origin, and its meaning,
and if you want 200 designs,
the book is a steal at 2.99!


Unalome: what you need to know

And of course, realistic tattoos could not miss from this list!

We published a coloring book with modern designs (and another on the way):

We also send via email two weekly designs to subscribers if you want to keep increasing your flash base with the latest original ideas:

and the first month is FREE! (8 designs)

Welcome to the family!

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