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Koru lower back tattoo photo
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Koru lower back
New life, continuity

April 17th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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This design features some repeated stylized Korus, the unfolding fern bud. It´s a symbol of new bwginning, and continuity through change. A Maori phrase quotes: "as a fern frond dies, a fern fron grows".

Inspired by a request by Michela.

It´s also possible to use a small portion of this design only, as shown in the following image sample:

sexy korus tattoo

MANA ATUA - white mugMANA ATUA - white mugMaori design by TattooTribes
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koru lower back fern new life new beginning continuity

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 I´m going to get this one today! Absolutely love it 
  by Ebonie
 I got this tattoo on my lower back a few months ago. I had wanted to get a tattoo for many years. I found this one a few years ago and saved it on my computer...and finally got it! I love it!!! 
  by Katie
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