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Butterfly tattoo photo
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March 15th, 2022
  Author: GiErre

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Butterflies face a transformation in their life, and despite it looking somehow scary, it brings a new life and a new freedom (symbolized by the butterfly itself, and by the koru).

This Polynesian style butterfly tattoo was prepared for Lisa, and it includes her initial together with her daughter´s one.
Two stylized shells near the central piece symbolize love, intimacy, and safe shelter.
The honu motif symbolizes family, and the spearheads represent the warrior, tenacity and determination.

The image below highlights the individual elements within the tattoo:
Transformation Polynesian butterfly tattoo

Strong & fragileStrong & fragileTribal butterfly by TattooTribes
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butterfly koru aniata spearheads seashell maorigrams lettering puzzle transformation new beginning love protection intimacy Lisa

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Strong & fragileStrong & fragileTribal butterfly by TattooTribes
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