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Butterfly tattoo photo
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December 10th, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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Ashaki requested a design of a butterfly viewed from side and formed by some symbols: Sankofa, Bese Saka, Aum, Ankh, Koru and infinity sign.

Sankofa and Bese Saka are Adinkra symbols meaning respectively "learn from the past" and "abundance, unity".

Aum is an Indian symbol representing the primeval mantra, consciousness.

The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol representing eternal life and protection.

The koru is a Maori symbol, representing the unfolding fern frond and symbolizing the continuity of life.

The butterfly itself is a symbol of freedom and transformation, rebirth.

This design joins opposing meanings like rebirth, transformation and continuity, eternity, past and future, and it represents the duality of everything, which is among the meanings of the Aum.

Bese Saka tshirtBese Saka tshirtAdinkra traditional design
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butterfly adinkra sankofa bese saka ankh Egyptian cross aum koru infinite learning abundance unity eternity life protection rebirth transformation continuity knowledge past future

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 I LOVE this concept of taking various symbols to create a statement piece. I´ve been wanting several symbols but didn´t want them all over me, this is a perfect idea.  
  by Diva
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