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Lotus flower tattoo photo
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Lotus flower
Overcoming all difficulties

August 26th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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The lotus flower represents in the Eastern cultures a symbol of perfection (it´s not a case that Buddha is often shown meditating while sitting on a lotus), and overcoming all difficulties: it actually grows among the mud of the swamps till it stands on its stalk and blooms, immaculate, over the dirt.

Anna requested a stylized lotus flower.

Beauty often hides in simple things.

The shape of the stalk reminds us that beginnings are not always easy, but we can always find our way to overcome any difficulty and reach up to the light.

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lotus flower perfection overcoming difficulties blooming

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 This is simply beautiful, fascinating. I have been looking for one for a long time. I gues I have just found it! 
  by irep
 This is gorgeous, simple, peaceful. Have added it to my facebook and probably to my skin in a little while! 
  by Viv
 I really really like this design! Very simple but stunning at the same time...the meaning behind it is also very beautiful :) 
  by Carlina
  by Emma
 You gave me some great ideas for my own ink! Thanks  
  by Em.
 I had this tattoo done on my ankle,  and am so so pleased with it.  Thank you  
  by ems
 I love it! It´s beautiful by it´s simplicity. I might actually put it on my wrist... I´m just wondering, why does the shape of the stalk remind us that the beginning isn´t always easy? Because of the little curl in the beginning? Or does it refer to a symbol from a certain tribe?  Keep up the good work!  Greetings,  Anne-Marie   
  by Anne-Marie
[TT: yes, the little curl represents that the right direction had to be found and was not just a straight path]
 i´m gonna put that wonderful symbol on my neck in a few days. i´m looking forward and i hope, it will help me to overcome my hard times and remind me of my power and strengh! 
  by sandra
 I just love everything about it!! And im going to put this tattoo on my shoulder!! My first one :) 
  by Ida
 I love everything about this tattoo, the simplicity, the beauty it's just gorgeous. I´m getting it on my wrist, my first. Thanks so much :)  
  by Maddi
 I love the beauty and purity of this design. I have been trying to decide for years about a tattoo. This is going on my wrist. Thank you for sharing it! 
  by Ande
 I have this wonderful symbol on my wrist and i am so happy with it, and under this design i have the letters in thai KJMJ that present my husband ,me and the name of my children . I have it just 3 weeks ago when we where on a holiday in Thailand .Thnxs for sharing this tattoo with us 
  by Jacqy
  by Myself
  by Leo
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