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Killer whales tattoo photo
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Killer whales

May 4th, 2015
  Author: picchio

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This Haida styled tattoo represents Philip´s family using 5 killer whales (among the most important animals in the related Tlingit culture, where they are considered protectors of mankind).

Each orca is associated to a family member, incorporating a second animal that represents their qualities.
Parents, bigger, surround and embrace the three children to protect them while the whole family swims united around a frog, a protector spirit that also symbolizes fertility and life.

Secundary animals are beaver (creative and good worker) and heron (graceful, patient, peaceful) for the parents, while children have been paired with otter (loyal and lasting friendship, balance), hummingbird (beauty, love) and dragonfly (magic, dynamism, everchanging).

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