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Manta angel tattoo photo
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Manta angel
Protection, freedom

April 7th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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This drawing of a Maori styled angel takes up the shape of a manta to symbolize protection and freedom. Again protection, and fertility, is represented by the two tikis inside the lower part of the wings, and the two manaias inside the upper part are two guardian angels themselves, symbolizing balance and harmony between sea, earth and sky. Another important element is family (the turtles inside the right wing and the killer whale on the left wing); in particular, the orca symbolizes family and the will of protecting it with strength when necessary. The fish hooks on the wings ends symbolize abundance and wealth. The koru motifs indicate a new birth, along the path that leads to one´s very own island, the target to be reached, represented by the spot that the angel fosters in his hands.

Based on a request by Nico.

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angel tiki manaia manta waves hei matau killer whale orca turtles protection balance freedom family abundance wealth

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 This one looks wonderful, Gi ! You´re the best indeed ! My yellow lizard is about to be inked (on the 23rd of april). I will send you the picture, promised ! But this last you drawn sounds really good to be my next ...  I already feel my shoulder calling it ! 
  by Te arata‘i ataata
 The best tattoo!Like manta! 
  by Almir Kadic (Sarajevo)
  by [undisclosed email]
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Guardian angel tshirtGuardian angel tshirtBaby & mom by TattooTribes
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