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Orca and flowers tattoo photo
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Orca and flowers
Dragon coverup

March 14th, 2011
  Author: GiErre

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Ellen requested this design to cover an old dragon tattoo. We used an orca as the main element because it´s an animal Ellen loves, and because it symbolizes family, caring for the dear ones, power and protection.

Similarly the underlying flax leaves symbolize family and union.

Korus symbolize life and new beginning and the two hibiscus flowers (beauty, femininity, "island vibe") represent two twin dearest friends of Ellen.

The three coloured nudibranches remind Ellen of her divings, since she often happens to see them.

Dragon coverup tattoo look

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coverup orca killer whale flowers hibiscus koru swirls nudibranches flax leaves family union protection diving beauty femininity power committment love

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