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Paikea tattoo photo
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Humpback whale

March 20th, 2011
  Author: GiErre

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Emilie requested a design to represent her new life.

We ideally devided it in three parts, from bottom to top: the first one represents change (waves) leading to a new start (the koru) and to independence (the manta, which symbolizes also beauty and protection).

The second and third part going upwards are shaped to recall a humpback whale (they symbolize family, nurturing and fertility). The lower half represents her family supporting her: the three people represented are her mom, on the left, and her parents in law below. Shark teeth (adaptability) form the rays of a sun (with a spiral, which represents joy and eternity), a braid, which symbolizes unity and a fish hook for prosperity.

The upper part is her life to come with her partner: the shell represents faithful love and intimacy, safe shelter, and the two birds mean that they will always be there to help each other. The gecko is for health and the koru again represents this new life.

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humpback whale seashell gecko sun waves koru manta birds braid fish hook family union nurturing fertility love intimacy shelter new life joy eternity adaptability change

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 I love it! Thanks again! 
  by Emilie
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