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Parau tattoo photo
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October 21st, 2021
  Author: GiErre

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This Polynesian armband designed for Stefano includes some non-Polynesian symbols too, such as a butterfly (change) and the aum (unity and becoming).

In the center, the turtle symbolizes family, with the Marquesan cross in the middle of the shell because family gives him balance, and with a sun around it (eternity and joy).

In the back, linked to the past, the path of Kamehameha represents the path taken to overcome every difficulty (the two moray eels) thanks to tenacity and strength (the spearheads for the warrior) and with the all-seeing eye in the center for protection.

On the left of the butterfly we incuded a lizard for luck and health.
Birds represent the journey to see the world from a higher perspective and fish symbolize prosperity


The following image helps identifying the main elements of the tattoo:
Polynesian armband tattoo with aum

Strong & fragileStrong & fragileTribal butterfly by TattooTribes
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bracelet butterfly aum turtle marchesian cross sun path moray eels spearheads all seeing eye lizard birds change united eternity joy balance tenacity luck health prosperity

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Strong & fragileStrong & fragileTribal butterfly by TattooTribes
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