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Nehenehe tattoo photo
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To be ready

June 3rd, 2021
  Author: GiErre

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This Polynesian bracelet tattoo was prepared to celebrate the moment a son joined his father in the family business.

The father appears in the past as a fixed point (the star) but far away, almost unattainable, a capable (the axe) and respected (the mere) warrior, surrounded by people and success.
Many teachings come from him (the stones at the base).

Kamehameha's path represents the challenges faced along the way, which led to working together and sharing success (both warriors are included within a sun, with the braids symbolizing union).

The fish and the fishing hook are symbols of prosperity, tiki for protection (one of them also helps covering an old tattoo), and a lizard for good luck.
The koru symbolizes this new beginning.

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bracelet star warrior axe mere path of Kamehameha sun braid fish fishing hook tiki lizard koru challenging path teachings union prosperity protection good luck new beginning

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