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Taurite tattoo photo
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To be balanced

May 18th, 2017
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo prepared for Paula represents family, strength and balance.

The stylized rose on top symbolizes her mother and the enata below it is her father, incorporated into a ani ata motif representing ancestors and with a triple twist nearby.

The hammerhead shark and the spear heads represent the warrior, tenacity and determination while the flowers of frangipani and hibiscus symbolize carpe diem, femininity and beauty, safe shelter.
The Marquesan cross in the center is a symbol of balance and harmony, surrounded by a sun for eternity and joy.

A tiki and the manaia inside the shell of the turtle are for protection while a lizard brings health and good luck.

Birds and fish complete the tattoo representing watching the world from a higher perspective and prosperity.

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balance rose turtle hammerhead shark sun flower hibiscus frangipani tiki manta birds fish family tenacity beauty femininity protection Paula

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