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Daughters tattoo photo
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February 20th, 2017
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo for the pec muscle was prepared for Marco and it´s dedicated to his daughters.

Their initials are incorporated into the body of the manta (freedom and beauty) while their birth dates are designed by the ani ata motif (family, ancestors) that shapes the moon below the manta, which, together with the sun in the center, forms a sunmoon (impossible that becomes possible; the sun is also a symbol of eternity and the moon of femininity).

The two daughters are represented by the two enata in the center, protected by the warrior (the spear heads in the middle), with a braid symbolizing family union.

On the wings of the manta there are stylized waves and a wolf.

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sunmoon manta ray wolf waves spear heads birth dates enata braid family union daughters protection freedom beauty Marco

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