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Hei Matau tattoo photo
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Hei Matau
Prosperity, determination

April 7th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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Maori traditional dishes are largely based on fish, and the seas of their islands are very rich in this sense. Those who owned a fish hook (Hei Matau, that´s it) had no hunger problems then, and were already rich on account of this. That´s why the fish hook symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

Lately it has also acquired the meaning of determination and strength, and it´s a protection during sea voyages.

Requested by Nicole.

A curiosity: hei means "neck" and hei-matau is the name of fish hook shaped pendants. When wearing them on the skin, the contact alters their colour and it is said that this happens because the spirit of the owner infuses into it. Pendants that belonged to many valiant people acquire thus a great value and are highly considered.

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Hei Matau fish hook wealth health determination strength protection

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