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Mangopare tattoo photo
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Hammerhead shark

May 4th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Maurice requested this hammerhead shark design. From the tail to the head, it tells the story of a voyage (honu shell motif) that brought a new start (the koru) which through many changes (the waves) has led him and his family (the turtle) to stability and to settling (the sun in the head), with a wish for luck to protect them (lizard) and for wealth (hei matau motifs in the fins). The turtle has a double spiral and a dot to symbolize unity, and the importance of it.

The hammerhead shark is a symbol of the tenacity and strength needed to achieve the goal.

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mangopare mango pare hammerhead shark turtle koru hei matau sun voyage change new start stability success happyness family

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 Perfection... that´s all i can say. 
  by Maurice
 At the end of this year that has lead to so much change for me and my friends and family, I want to thank Gi and everyone at the site for their incredible design. This tattoo continues to give me strength and reminds me to be adaptable when faced with difficult times. Have a great year to come and please continue producing great pieces of art.   
  by Maurice aka Mogs
[GiErre: Thanks Maurice, you made our day! That´s what your design was meant for...
Wish you an awesome New Year!]
 I´ve been looking for a hammerhead that wasn´t like everyone elses...This is it! The awesome thing is that my wife loves turtles and is planning to get a celtic knot changed into a tribal sea turtle...the one in this tattoo will represent her to me.  Thanks--James Costin  
  by James Costin
 This symbol is now on my ribs. its perfect 
  by v.
  by maiséufi
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