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Eagle flight tattoo photo
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Eagle flight

October 4th, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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This design was requested by Markus to cover a barbed wire armband extending it into a half sleeve.

The eagle represents power and freedom, and it was placed inside a sun to strengthen the meaning of glory and supremacy, with its wings reaching to the sides of the arm.

The motifs covering the armband recall the motifs of mango pare, the hammerhead shark, and they symbolize determination and tenacity.

The manta ray below the eagle represents freedom and protection, mountains are for stability and shark teeth for adaptability and protection.

The koru motifs inside the eagle´s tail and manta symbolize a new life, a new start.

Haida eagle baby teeHaida eagle baby teeHaida design by TattooTribes
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Eagle sun manta hammerhead shark koru mountains shark teeth supremacy glory freedom determination tenacity life new start Markus

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