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Dragonfly tattoo photo
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Children, love

December 28th, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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This dragonfly was requested by Robbie in honour of her children.

The top wings include their names, Finleigh and Brody.

The lower left wing includes a fish hook (wealth, abundance), a sea shell (love, intimacy and safe shelter) and flax leaves (flax leaves are on the right lower wing as well; they symbolize family representing the parents protecting their children in between). On the right lower wing there are a rose (perfection and love) and a tiki hand (protection); waves are for change.

The upper part of the body is made of a twist (eternal love and bond), surrounding two korus (new life, one for each of her children).

The end of the tail is a seagull, for safe return, freedom and watching the world from a higher point of view.

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dragonfly children fish hook seashell rose seagull twist flax leaves koru protection wealth love bond perfection freedom change Robbie

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