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Shark tattoo photo
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Protection, prosperity

December 25th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Sharks symbolize adaptability and strength, speed and protection.

This design was requested by Andreas. We placed shells next to his daughter´s head letters, A and Y, to symbolize union and prosperity, whereas korus are a symbol of new life and descent.

The sun represents success and joy and the hammerhead shark motif stands for determination and strength.

The shark itself is a symbol of protection.

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shark mango shell koru fish hook sun protection prosperity adaptability strength determination joy new life Andreas

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 The feeling is amazing when one of your dreams (even a small one) comes true. I am glad I have found this website, glad to have discussed so many things with GiErre and happy I have in my hands my first tattoo design.  The second will follow soon, but before I promise I will publish a photo with the tattoo on my skin:-)  Happy new Year   
  by Andreas
[TT: THX Andreas! We´ll wait for that!]
 The most elegant shark tattoo I´ve been able to find... beautiful! 
  by Stever Clark
 Beautiful, elegant, simple... I want it! 
  by sailordiver
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