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Two sharks tattoo photo
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Two sharks

October 8th, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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Sharks played a role in making Mariah and her husband meet, and that´s one of the reasons why they asked for a shark tattoo to represent their union.

We chose to design a couple of sharks swimming together to symbolize that they are separate individuals (the human figure on each muzzle) who complete each other only when together (the two halves of the couple symbol on the sharks tails complete each other).

The koru on both of the back fins symbolize how this life together was a fresh start for both of them.

The four enata on the bigger shark represent their four children and the spear heads motifs indicate strength, tenacity and courage.
The right fin of the smaller shark is a sea shell for faithful love and protection while the the bigger shark´s one is a braid for family union.

An octopus tentacle on the smaller shark symbolizes adaptability.

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sharks enata koru spear heads braid sea shell couple marriage union faithful love protection strength tenacity courage adaptability

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