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Soleluna tattoo photo
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Sun moon - nothing is impossible

October 1st, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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This design of a meeting moon and sun was requested by Lia to symbolize impossible things becoming possible.

We used some shark teeth motifs in it (strength and adaptability), korus (new beginning), two tikis (protection), and a stylized manaia, formed by the eyes of the tiki contained inside the sun (as this manaia represents her guardian angel, a person whom, from above, "sees" and watches upon Lia, and balance), and his three fingered hand represents sky, earth and sea.

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soleluna sun moon tiki manaia shark teeth koru nothing is impossible protection new beginning strength adaptability union

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 i just might have to have it!! 
  by peter yates
 i´m just going to have...if there is not any problem   
  by edu c
[TT: no problem if you modify it and make it personal. Otherwise you should ask the friend it was prepared for... they are published to be of inspiration in preparing custom tattoos!]
 I did this tattoo on my back and i´m very pleased... stands very nice 
  by Andreana from Bulgaria
 I love this! This is the next tattoo Im getting, I can´t wait!! 
  by Ashley
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