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Lotus and butterfly tattoo photo
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Lotus and butterfly
Beautifully reborn

July 16th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Laura requested this design, very simple yet deeply meaningful.

The lotus flower represents overcoming a hard time, and her rebirth over difficulties, perfection.

The butterfly symbolizes freedom and beauty, and by adding the swirls to the lotus we wanted to signify that we often take meaningless or even wrong paths that lead nowhere, looking for the beauty and perfection we would already have just being ourselves.

Tribal lotus t-shirtTribal lotus t-shirtTribal design by TattooTribes
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lotus butterfly flower swirls perfection overcoming adversities beauty freedom

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  I got the tattoo :)    
  by GhostRoses
[TT: pic here!]
 i want toget this tattoo but not sure where to have it?   
  by samantha
[TT: have a look at our VIRTUALIZER... it may help!]
 I found this design here and loved it so much that I had it done on my leg as my very first tattoo! 
  by JenG
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