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Ohana Aloha tattoo photo
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Ohana Aloha
Family, love

June 6th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Ohana is a hawaiian word that means "family". This design, shaped like a lei (known as a necklace of flowers that symbolizes affection) was requested by Chasity to enclose the people dearest to her, who are the center of her life: the two sea turtles represent her daughters, with the headletters S and K on their shells, and the shark represents her son, with a J on the back fin.

The plumeria flower in the center, being the union element and embracing the family on one side (it symbolizes shelter and protection) is Chasity, whereas the other two figures guarding and protecting the family are her husband and brother. The warrior petroglyph represents her husband, holding the spear high, in its stylized version to be longer and to enclose the whole family under its protection, and her brother is the manaia, or guardian angel, who looks upon them all.

The twist symbol that ideally joins all the members together is a symbol of eternal love and indissoluble bond.

On the sides, the blank spaces of the motifs form the two words "Ohana" and "Aloha", which mean "family" and "love".

The two endings, going onto the shoulder blades, are shaped after fish hooks as a wish for abundance and wealth.

Ohana manta mousepadOhana manta mousepadPolynesian design by TattooTribes
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ohana aloha family love turtles shark warrior spear petroglyph frangipani manaia twist union bond protection guardian angel Chasity

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 Muy bonito el collar!! muy original y con muchos detalles; me encanta!!! 
  by Sole
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