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Ohana tattoo photo
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Family, true friendship

July 4th, 2007
  Author: GiErre

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"Ohana" means in Hawaiian language "Family" intended as a group of dear people, not necessarily akin. Relatives, friends and anyone who is dear and loved can be included in the Hawaiian concept of family.

This tattoo wants to call protection and friendship (dolphins) and good luck (lizard) upon the bearer's family (turtle) which is placed in the center of everything, matched with a Tiki indicating fertility and surrounded by Korus (fern shoots = rebirth). The Ray itself indicates wisdom and the whole tattoo design tells that a wise and lucky life revolves around true friendships, renewed day after day.

Ohana manta mousepadOhana manta mousepadPolynesian design by TattooTribes
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ohana dolphin koru tiki lizard turtle manta ray fish

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 This is gorgeous and I just had it put on me by Chris Nunez at Miami Ink. He is a craftsman and did a wonderful job. One question: What does the design motif above the Korus symbolize? Looks kind of like a bear claw.   
  by .Robert Becerra
[TT: yes, they are bear paws... congrats for spotting them :)
They enforce the meaning of protection of the family.
P.S. ...we´ll wait for a pic!]
 fantastic tattoo of manta ray 
  by jay
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Ohana manta tshirtOhana manta tshirtPolynesian design by TattooTribes
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