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Lotus and AUM tattoo photo
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Lotus and AUM
Perfection, awareness

April 8th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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The lotus flower is a recurrent symbol in Buddhism, representing perfection; its eight petals symbolize the eight levels of consciousness, which allow, once reached, to get the ultimate awareness which allows to know everything directly from the vibrations of space. The aum itself, or om, is a founding part of the process, the mantra from which everything was generated, which shall start from the bottom, in the area of our belly, and pass through our throat to resonate from the top of our head into pure thought and contemplation, to re-establish our consonance to the essence of our world.

Requested by Sheana.

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lotus aum flower om buddhism perfection awareness unity sound vibrations eight 8

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 Hi GiErre,  i like this tattoo, do you think is good to have this tattoo around belly ( i hv belly button piercing) or shoulder ?   
  by wendy
[TT: they´re both fine, but around the belly you´ll have to leave the AUM out...]
  by sasmec
  by pop
 This is great 
  by PKS raghav
 If you have a request, send it from this link instead: custom request. 


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