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Roger - Kirituhi tattoo photo
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Roger - Kirituhi

  September 27th, 2014

Inspired by Roger (Kirituhi):

Roger tattoo

In Maori styled designs, both black parts and blank spaces are equally important to convey a message; right on the shoulder there are 4 korus cut out of the design for the 4 elements of Roger´s family: the biggest one on the left is him, with the blank motif going down to the bottom of the tattoo in a design that represents change. This symbolizes how he passed through many changes and events in his life and ended with his close family; the koru on the right, touching his one, represents his wife and they both enclose and ...

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kirituhi manaia koru braid hammerhead shark octopus double spirals fish scales waves protection tenacity determination adaptability family union

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