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Anne - Aloha tattoo photo
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Anne - Aloha

  April 19th, 2013

Inspired by Spirit of Aloha (Hawaii):

Spirit of Aloha tattoo

Anne loves Hawaiian islands and their culture and she requested a tattoo to embody this love and respect she feels.

It was designed for the left arm as it is closer to the heart and more related to feelings, with a wavy flow to recall the waves.

The spirit of Aloha is sometimes explained with an acronymic phrase:

  • A for "ala" (watchfulness): we used a tiki for protection and to be a guardian. The stylized lizard right behind it serves to allow communication to the ...

      [ read all the meanings  ]

aloha hawaii flower hibiscus frangipani waves braid koru tiki seashell sun lizard birds fish positiveness island vibe love family respect life prosperity patience perseverance

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