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Masina tattoo photo
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July 14th, 2022
  Author: GiErre

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This full sleeve Samoan tattoo was prepared for Jun and it was designed to honor his family and roots.

His daughters are central, represented by the three stars that also join the sun to recall the Filipino flag, guarded by the moon that fills the central part of the shoulder together with the sun.

Ancestors are on top guarding on the family, and a traditional Banig mat covers the shoulder below them as a reference to tradition and to his roots.

Jun is depicted as a hammerhead shark disguised within the tattoo, supporting his daughters and symbolizing the warrior, tenacity and determination, protecting and giving them prosperity (the coconut leaves).
The couple next to it represents him and his wife, with their stylized zodiac signs nearby.

Flax leaves symbolize family unity, and the manulua motif represents the union of two families, bringing prosperity.

Shark teeth, spearheads, and octopus tentacles symbolize adaptability, tenacity, and strength.
Centipedes symbolize fighting spirit, and we added them both in Polynesian and Filipino style.

The manta next to the lower edge symbolizes freedom, and we placed coconut leaves next to it for prosperity.

More personal elements of his story remain on the inside of the arm, while the stepping stones ending the tattoo represent his achievements and the things he learnt.

The colored legenda below helps identifying the main elements within the tattoo:
Samoan Filipino full sleeve tattoo

Fa'a Samoa shoesFa'a Samoa shoesSamoan design by TattooTribes
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masina sleeve moon sunmoon sun stars hammerhead manta centipede mat ancestors filipino banig family protection prosperity strength adaptability tenacity fighting spirit

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Fa'a Samoa shoesFa'a Samoa shoesSamoan design by TattooTribes
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