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Whakarereke tattoo photo
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February 15th, 2022
  Author: GiErre

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To create the lower part of this Polynesian half-sleeve tattoo we kept the idea of the non-linear path, also highlighted by the row of birds that outlines the shoulder as it curves to end with the sun of the central part, surrounded by waves and tiki eyes to symbolize protection through change.
At the center, the Marquesan cross becomes the central part of a compass, to indicate direction and always having clear one´s goals, which for Gionata are personal harmony and balance.
Shark teeth surrounding the shoulder indicate adaptability and protection.

The path of Kamehameha symbolizes a path full of challenges, and the row of birds represent the journey to follow it.
The thorns that give movement to the lower edge are a symbol of challenges to be faced, and the flight of the albatross is another symbol of journey.

The hammerhead shark indicates the warrior, the lizard and the path of knowledge are the two "weapons" that help him overcome every test, the stones at the base are the lessons learnt and the koru indicates a new beginning.

The manta symbolizes freedom, with the all-seeing-eye for protection.
Again for protection on every side we have inserted two tiki that face opposite directions.

The following image helps identifying the individual elements within the tattoo:
Half sleeve Polynesian tattoo

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half sleeve sun compass hammerhead shark manta lizard birds thorns path change protection freedom harmony balance

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