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Kiore moana tattoo photo
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Kiore moana

February 22nd, 2018
  Author: GiErre

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The seahorse giving the shape to this tattoo requested by Ladislav is a symbol of fatherhood.

The koru that forms the eye symbolizes new life, and next to it we placed the name Hugo, with his birthdate disguised in the braid below by thickening some of its lines.
Flax leaves represent family.

The chasing birds symbolize he will always be granted help by his loved ones and the lizard in the tail brings good luck and health.

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seahorse hippocampus lizard sun maorigram lettering birthdate hugo flax leaves birds family union protection father success good luck Ladislav

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 Hi guys, I always read that the seahorse represented patient? Ever hear that description? Great work you do, good to see "non-gimmicky use of the Polynesian style! D.  
  by Dave K.
[TT: thanks, glad to help! Yes, the seahorse is also a symbol of tenacity and patience. You can find more examples searching for "seahorse" on the site]
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