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Kihirua tattoo photo
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Change of heart

October 21st, 2017
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo was prepared for Maxime and it represents a voyage leading to a new perspective on the world.

The lower part regards the visible world and our experience of it (the mountains and the standing stones that represent things learnt and achieved).
The upper part symbolizes freedom and knowledge (the manta) and a new perspective on the world (the frigate), while the triskell symbolizes the union of the elements and the cycle of life through birth, death and rebirth.

The lizard can see the unseen and it´s a symbol of the guidance received which made him think differently.
The row of birds nearby symbolizes this voyage, where family (the flax leaves next to them) is always present.

The all-seing eye in the center of the triskell is a symbol of protection keeping all evil away.

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spirituality triskell lizard sun flax leaves manta frigate all-seeing eye change voyage protection supernatural family balance elements unity union Maxime

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