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Scorpion tattoo photo
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September 4th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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Scorpions are feared for their poison and they are often associated to the idea of danger, but in ancient times they were revered by Egyptians as healers of the living and guardians of the dead, and Babylonian myths tell stories of half human, half scorpion men who were great warriors (similar myths appear to be common in precolumbian cultures as well).

Among the zodiac star signs the scorpion is a symbol of water, and that´s why we thought of preparing a version of this tattoo with surrounding waves.

That´s interesting to notice how similar these Greek waves are to some Maori motifs, but this must not be a surprise since both Greeks and Maoris shared a strong relation with the sea.

Greek styled patterns were requested by Renato to integrate the word "scorpion" he got written with Greek letters:

What this tattoo will look like

Maori scorpion t-shirtMaori scorpion t-shirtTribal design by TattooTribes
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scorpion greek dangerous healer guardian Renato

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 Sadly the inscription is not correct.  The correct Greek word for Scorpion is Σκορπιός. It´s a k not an x. I hope he can fix that if he wishes =/   
  by Mithrantir
[TT: hope he sees this message... I guess the tattoo artist was not Greek...]
 It should read "σκορπιός" the second letter should be kappa (k) instead of chi (x) and the Greek i is not dotted like the english. The dot should be over the second "o" since it´s a pronounciation mark and indicates the emphasized vowel.  BTW, I´m Greek.   
  by Philippos
[TT: yes, we noticed it too (we just prepared the additional frame)... that´s why at TT we do not prepare scripts in languages we do not know. Unfortunately not everyone is like us...]
 The right word is "σκορπιός" not "σχορπιός" its like saying shorpion instead of scorpion   
  by mitsos
[TT: yes... unfortunately we prepared just the decoration around the existing writing... ]
 If you have a request, send it from this link instead: custom request. 


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Polynesian scorpion t-shirtPolynesian scorpion t-shirtTribal design by TattooTribes
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