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Koi tattoo photo
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August 8th, 2013
  Author: GiErre

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The general shape of this tattoo requested by Valeria recalls the shape of a koi carp because it symbolizes courage and perseverance.
A legend tells that the carp which will up stream the falls will turn into a dragon.

The design develops from the bottom up: the paths of two lives, separated at the beginning, blend into one leading in the upper part to a sea shell symbolizing safe shelter and love; the sea shell includes a koru (new beginning, life) and a sunmoon (impossible that becomes possible).
Inside of it the moon becomes a manta (freedom and beauty).

We placed the maorigrammed initials of their names inside the two paths that converge into a braid symbolizing bond and family union.

Other elements are the path of Kamehameha (difficulties, the hard trail to be faced to reach the sun) and the spear heads (courage, fighting spirit, warrior).

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koi carp sunmoon manta path of kamehameha spear heads sea shell seashell braid union courage perseverance fighting spirit love Valeria

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