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Moko tattoo photo
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January 23rd, 2011
  Author: GiErre

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Moko is the name given to the gecko, representing the main element with the sun in this design requested by Massimo.

Inside the sun (eternity, positivity, joy) we placed a turtle (family) with tikis being the front flippers (protection, fertility) protecting the family from all directions, whilst the back flippers are made of seashells (love, safe shelter).

The turtle shell encloses a spiral, a symbol of eternity associated to the sun, with maorigrams of the letters S, M and A, headletters of the names of Massimo´s wife and children.

Waves forming the tail represent continuity through change; the gecko symbolizes health and communication to the ancestors; its legs are shaped by fish hooks for prosperity and wealth.

The head of the gecko includes a bird (freedom, watching the world from a higher perspective) and the hammerhead shark motif, symbolizing tenacity and determination.

Shark teeth inside the sun symbolize adaptability and strength.

A curiosity: the name "Ta moko", given to Maori facial tattooing, can be translated as "signature".

Tribal Gecko tattoo tshirtTribal Gecko tattoo tshirtTribal gecko by TattooTribes
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gecko sun turtle bird waves maorigram hammerhead shark fish hook health eternity joy happyness family determination strength adaptability prosperity abundance Massimo

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 This one will my first tattoo. :) 
  by Onur
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