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Tiki tattoo photo
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Figure, protection

December 8th, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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Tiki means "figure", and that´s the name given to the abstract figures resembling human figures, which are usually associated to divinities and have a protective value.

This design for the forearm was requested by Jorge, and mutuates its name from the tiki centrally positioned, surrounded by a sun (eternity and positivity) dominating the other elements of the design, like the lizard (luck) and the manta (freedom and protection).

Shark teeth being the sun rays symbolize adaptability and strength, also enforced by the underlying row of spear heads, representing the warrior, courage and strength; the hammerhead shark motif symbolizes determination and tenacity.

High on the sun sides, the flying fish on the left symbolize prosperity, like the fish hook, and the the two birds on the right indicate that help will always be assured to the dear ones.

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tiki sun lizard shark hammerhead shark manta flying fish fish hook birds spearheads protection strength determination tenacity courage warrior luck abundance prosperity Jorge

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 Loved it! 
  by Alex G
 Mikes "wanna be" shoulder blade tattoo 
  by mike
 very nice 
  by bettenok
  by herman.d
 will have this one painted on my skin. 
  by jah
 nice one 
  by DiBidi
 I have had this tattoo placed yesterday on my left lower leg, I love it! 
  by Pieter van G
  by Charlie
 Muito boa 
  by Nilson
 like this 
  by me and him
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