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Kirituhi tattoo photo
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Protection, life

March 19th, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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This design is inspired by the traditional Maori moko tattoos. Since moko tattoing used to decorate the face has a series of coded motifs used to tell a person´s story, and using them regardlessly would be irrespectful like stealing someone´s personality, an alternative style has been developed, similar in the way it looks but without specific meanings, called kirituhi.

Thus this design recalls the tattoos of Maori warriors without copying their motifs. We inserted some elements representing korus (new start and life, like the double spiral too) and the hammerhead shark (determination and tenacity), with shark teeth (adaptability, strength) and a manaia (guardian angel, symbolizing also balance among sky, earth and sea).

The braid motif symbolizes union and family and the fish hook is for prosperity and social status.

Requested by Alessandro.

Fa'a Samoa flip flopsFa'a Samoa flip flopsMaori kirituhi by TattooTribes
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kirituhi maori fern spiral koru mangopare fish hook shark manaia braid guardian angel protection life determination adaptability strength union family

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