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Ukaipo tattoo photo
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Origin, home

December 17th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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The word ūkaipō means mother, origin, "true home", and we chose it for this armband to simbolyze that the sea is our mother, and our true home, as requested by Damon.

The tiki on the left (protection and fertility) is the divinity blowing life (korus) into the sea (waves), blessing her inhabitants: shark (adaptability and strength), dolphin (joy and friendship), turtle (family, life).

We added symbols of protection and balance (manaia) and abundance (fish hook and coconut palm).

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sea tiki shark turtle manta ray sun coconut palm man woman koru life protection strength adaptability family freedom origin abundance joy breath home Damon

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 Awesome tat, so good infact that I now have one just like it with a few minor changes. 
  by otdrmn
 great tattoo 
  by bobecek
  by daniel
 happy for it 
  by kenny
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