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Giraffe tattoo photo
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Originality, change of perspective

August 15th, 2007
  Author: GiErre

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Giraffes, on account of their being so tall, enjoy a privileged point of view. One of the meanings often associated to giraffes is hence changing one´s perspective, learning to look at things under different points of view, and standing out from the masses by giving value to one´s own originality. Uniqueness is hence another common meaning for giraffes.

Tribal giraffeTribal giraffePurple accentby TattooTribes
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giraffe originality tribal uniqueness higher perspective

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 I LOVE IT !!  i Just the giraffe yesterday on my ankle :D  Im so happy of the out come :)  Its beautiful .  Thank you for desing such a magnificent giraffe :)  i love it   thanks 
  by Derrick
 Since yesterday I´m a proud owner of this pretty giraffe! Ever since I layed eyes on this design I wanted it done on the inside of my lower leg (just above my ankle)! Now I can look at it all the time ;) Thank you sooo much Tattoo Tribes! 
  by Nathalie
  by Albert
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