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Aboriginal gecko tattoo photo
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Aboriginal gecko

September 1st, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Geckos are symbols of protection, and they are believed to keep every disease away from the house that gives them hospitality, probably originally due to the fact that they feed on small pests and bugs, such as mosquitos, which are often the spreading factor for a disease.

This gecko was requested by Nic, and it is inspired to the art of Australian aboriginal people.

We thought of adding two suns as a wish for lasting serenity.

A curiosity: also Australian aboriginal cultures think that the world was created by words; by chants in fact. This chants describe every rock, tree, river and are actually real sound "maps" allowing those who know them to orientate themselves in the Outback even where they have never been before.

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 I´m the one who requested this and I just wanted to say you guys are legends - your designs are wonderful (and free, WOW). I hope to see more Aboriginal inspired tats in the future because they look really beautiful.  
  by Nic
  by FeralChyld
 nice lizard 
  by indio25
 Nice,tradition tatoo,meybe will try it!  Thanks 
  by Konstantinos
 Super!!!  Thanks 
  by Konstantinos
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