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Kokopelli turtle tattoo photo
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Kokopelli turtle
Fertility, life

July 2nd, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Land turtles represent wisdom, understanding that in order to taste life we must not pass through it running, but taking our time to live every action, every moment, calmly.

This turtle playing the flute and recalling the Native American kokopelli, redrawn in an African style, was requested by Shilla.

Kokopelli himself is a symbol of fertility and life.

Kokopelli tshirtKokopelli tshirtNative American traditional design
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kokopelli turtle fertility life music wisdom take your time shaman

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 this tat is awesome! my cousin and i just got it. there were a few minor changes. 
  by they call me turtle
  by vidal
 I have this tattoo inside my wrist to remind me of my singing grandson who will travel the world to sing.And also to remind me to live life slowly to enjoy every moment. 
  by [undisclosed email]
 i will have this tattoo to remind me that life is short, try to enjoy it 
  by jason15021988
 This will be my next tattoo! It will remind me to take your time where life is concerned and stop and smell the flowers 
  by Kim
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Kokopelli tshirtKokopelli tshirtNative American traditional design
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