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Old school flowers tattoo photo
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Old school flowers
Love, passion

May 13th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Ashlee requested a composition of old school flowers for her back.

We used mainly roses, and the meaning of roses and of the other flowers we used (carnation, gerberas) is love, passion and long life.

We added a swallow, in the same style, because swallows are a symbol of protection and fidelity.

Swallows never go far from the land actually, and thus they told sailors they were near home. Also, they mate for life, and every year they go back to the same place and even nest.

This design looks better coloured, as we suggest in the sample.

We also attached a version with flowers only.

Branches and leaves in the middle on top hide a heart.

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old school vintage flowers roses carnations gerbera swallow love passion fidelity protection long life

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 its so beautiful 
  by Amanda
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