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Maori Viking tattoo photo
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Maori Viking
New start, protection

April 15th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Jabe has Norman origins, and he requested a tattoo that could combine this and the culture of Maoris. The viking that we drew is the warrior, the fighter who does not quit, and Thor´s hammer is a symbol of protection, made here using the motif of the hammerhead shark, symbol of determination and strength. The turtle being the center of his thoughts is family, and korus represent a new start.

The prow of the drakkar, whose hull is made of waves (change) wants to represent this new voyage started towards the sun (success). The fish hook is a symbol of wealth and abundance, and the triskell is a symbol of eternity and balance.

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viking norman drakkar turtle koru triskell hei matau protection new beginning family determination success eternity balance

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 Outstanding design ! And very harmonious symbiosis ! Well done once again Gi ! 
  by Te arata‘i ataata
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