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Wai tattoo photo
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April 1st, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo is mainly about water and bonds. Despite the simple look, there are many symbols and meanings related to this design. Water is surely the main character in this, as many symbols are related to that: the manta (protection, freedom and elegance) that gives the general shape, the jellyfish (calm, equanimity) inside the manta, containing a turtle (family) that has a hammerhead shark (determination, strength) and a koru (a son) on the shell. The spots (islands) along the honu shell motif (the traveller) are a wish for travelling among the islands, on the sea, even if the central point, the very own island, remains family. Shark teeth are for adaptability, and the darker tentacle of the jellyfish with a symbol for bonds, which remains behind, represents friends lost along the way, but still carried along by the thread of memory. Manaias are guardian angels, and outer tikis protect from every side.

Fish hooks are a wish for abundance and wealth.

Requested by Pete.

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wai water sea turtle jellyfish hammerhead shark manaia tiki hei matau family friends protection calm determination memory travel abundance wealth

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 Congrats Gi ! Your tattoos remains the best ! 
  by Te arata‘i ataata
  I wanted to thank Gi for this outstanding design. I was former spec ops, and love the water, it almost represents life to me. My family is my core and strength. I have been in eight wars and lost my son while serving as a contractor in Iraq. I have also lost many friends in those conflicts, I am now in Afghanistan and when I return on leave, this will be my first tattoo. Thanks again Gi 
  by Pete
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