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Sardinia tattoo photo
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March 23rd, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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This armband features in a Maori style some traditional elements from Sardinia.

The first one, a typical Sardinian small bronze statue, represents a warrior with four arms and four eyes: two shields for a better defense, two swords for a better offense and two pairs of eyes for a better view. It´s a Sardinian warrior god and it symbolizes strength and protection. The solar symbol on its helmet was reprised in the armband.

Two typical masks from the carnival of Ottana, near Nuoro, are the "Boes e Merdules", oxes and their tenants, which represent abundance and wealth. The stars painted on the oxes´ heads are symbols of good luck, whereas the mask of the Merdules are ugliest and grotesque to keep even the evel spirits away.

Requested by Michele.

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Sardinia bronze statue warrior god two shields boes and merdules protection luck abundance wealth tradition

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Sardinia tattoo photo
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