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Elements tattoo photo
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Water, sun

March 10th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Matteo requested a half sleeve tattoo related to water, to the sun and to the values he trusts.

The warrior that we drew represents valiance, strength and respect, and the joined parts inside the armband symbolize bonds, and friendship.

Other elements are the waves (water, continuity in change), the sun (eternity and joy), korus (new beginning) and the matau, or fish hook, which represents richness, wealth and protection at sea. The spot is one´s target, the ideal island to be reached.

Winged unicorn tshirtWinged unicorn tshirtUnicorn pegasus by TattooTribes
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water waves sun warrior koru shark matau strength courage respect friendship new beginning wealth abundance

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 love the design of water & sun, can´t wait to see it on my skin 
  by lanlan
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