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Lioness and mermaid tattoo photo
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Lioness and mermaid

February 8th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Ariel means "lion of God", and it was the name of the mermaid from the famous tale by Andersen. Ariel has then requested this design to represent her name.

The lion was coupled with gladiolus (small sword) flowers which, like the lion, represent strength of character and generosity.

The mermaid symbolizes seduction and femininity, like water does, being a strong symbol of femininity and life.

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ariel lioness mermaid gladiolus water strength personality generosity femininity seduction life

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 the meaning behind this tattoo makes it amazing 
  by Miss KSap
 As I said before in another tat, I absolutely love it when people can take advantage of the wonderful contours our bodies have to offer. I feel like the placement of a tattoo is equally as important as the image and meaning. The meaning behind the symbolism, the images, and the placement all work as one in this wonderful masterpiece.   
  by Tat fan Brian
[GiErre: hey Brian, this is even too much ;)... no one will ever believe I didn´t write it myself!]
 I LOVE this tattoo! This is exactly the kind of design that I´m getting done on me. It´s so much more unique and meaningful than simply spelling your name on your arm, like most people around here do. Kudos <3 
  by Ariel Connell
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