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Mjolnir of roses tattoo photo
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Mjolnir of roses

January 30th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Mjolnir (bolt) was the magic hammer of Thor, god of thunders, and according to the legend, it always went back into the hands that threw it.

It was often used as a protection symbol, and we made it up of branches of roses (roses symbolize perfection, passion, love, depending on their colour) and with the hilt recalling a heart to symbolize protection in life and love. The three moons on the handle (more informations about them are here) represent the ages of woman, femininity.

Requested by Eva.

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mjolnir hammer thor roses heart moons goddess protection life love women femininity

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 I love the ´Mjolnir of roses´ I´ve been searching an elegant and female Mjolnir for ages! And when I saw your design, it was like I was hit by a bus! I love it!! Next month it will be put on my thigh with a circle of runes around it! So..Thank you!! love, Emma 
  by Emma from Holland
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