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Polynesian Dragon tattoo photo
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Polynesian Dragon
Power, protection

November 29th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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This dragon, derives from the Chinese traditional culture, was requested in a Maori style by Lee.

The Chinese dragon is the symbol of heaven and water, a creature that owns magical powers. Nine are the dragons of Chinese tradition, and among their qualities we can find power, protection and good luck.

The nose was shaped to recall a stylized 9, because placing a 9 on a dragon will bring good luck.

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  by doris day
  by Rick
 I recently had this Polynesian dragon, approx. 6 \" long (black), tattooed on the right side of my stomach just to the left of my right hip. Lots of great comments from friends and acquaintances. Looks good with my bikinis. I love it!!   
  by C. Kehaulani
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