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Metua tane tattoo photo
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Metua tane

February 21st, 2023
  Author: GiErre

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This Polynesian tattoo of three turtles has Filippo represented in the center, protecting the two turtles that symbolize his children.

Each turtle includes elements related to the life of the person represented, like the moray eel and the path of Kamehameha in Filippo´s turtle to represent past difficulties, faced with courage and strength (the spearheads and the warrior holding them inside the shell).

Inside both of his children´s turtles there is a circle that represents a stylized navel symbolizing independence, and so does the bird that shapes the head.
The fishing hook symbolizes prosperity and knowledge, and it is a common element in all three turtles.
They all have shark teeth (adaptability) and a braid (union) too.

Tiki on the fins of the children´s turtles bring protection from all dangers.

The color image below highlights the main elements Inside the tattoo:
Father and
sons Polynesian 3 turtles tattoo

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turtles sea urchin sun fishing hook spearheads waves pito tiki moray eel bird braid children protection union warrior strength adaptability prosperity independence

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