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Ti´amā tattoo photo
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Freed man

January 3rd, 2023
  Author: GiErre

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This Polynesian half sleeve tattoo was designed for Oliver, and it represents a rebirth after an accident symbolized by the thorns and the pain symbols in the past.

The gecko goes along the back of the shoulder, to protect him and guard his new found freedom (the manta) with the help of his tenacity and determination (represented by the hammerhead shark), also protecting his family (the turtle inside a sun to symbolize joy and eternity, with mountains for stability).
The two tiki add protection from all sides.

Other elements from back to front represent Oliver´s story, and the challenges he faced along his voyage in life (the row of birds) in order to reach where he is now.

The new freedom is shared by the couple, and the flower of hibiscus represents carpe diem, living every moment fully. It also hides a hukulele for the importance of music.

Braids symbolize union with the people around while the stepping stones at the base represent all that he learnt along the way, which is the base of whom he is now

The colored image below shows the main elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian new freedom half sleeve tattoo

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freedom manta gecko hammerhead shark turtle tiki sun hibiscus ukulele stones birds thorns pain freedom protection rebirth family carpe diem voyage

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